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I love them! Where are these from?


from the thrift store, on two separate occasions. wish i could find more!

Nursing tops

wow very cute. where can i buy one. i would love to have the red one for my baby.


they were thrifted, from a local value village, on separate occasions... id love to find more too!

Paul from Silver Coast Finest

Is this for sale?Looks great..for sure my child would love this


no, not for sale. i'm not sure where you could find these. mine came from the thrift store - maybe if you haunted ebay?

Wow.. Amazing! I like your baby lederhosen. I never found such a great and amazing baby lederhosen. Thanks for sharing this one.

Coupon l l

Hey, nice designs!! Hats off to the designer.. I would like to buy one for my baby! I am sure these kind of stuff are made of leather only.

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